Wealth Base Wars
Our server has reasonable and adequate politics.
We strive to deliver you a blend of great gameplay
and unforgettable experience which would completely overshadow other basewars servers.
We tried to implement all the rules into the gamemode itself,
though not all bugs could be fixed
and not all gameplay mechanics are easily achievable through coding.
Therefore we have a list of basic rules which determine our basewars gameplay.


1. Prop/entity push/block/surf/spam
2. Spawn props/entities out of bounds, outdoors or in other people's bases
3. Build a base in a hard-to-reach place (such as roofs, underwater,
in air, one way portal map segments)
4. For whatever reason block or occupy vast map segments
5. Abuse the spawn zone (RDM or spawning entities/props near the spawn zone)
6. Make an alliance with another faction
7. Use cheats, exploits or obvious bugs of the Source engine


Faction is an alliance of players cooperated to defend their base.
You can create your own faction from 10 level.
Faction members can't deal any damage to their allies.
Only faction leader is able to start the raid, as well as kick members.

Raid is an event where factions start to attack each other.
There is the multi-raid system implemented on our server.
Factions can raid each other without waiting the global raid to be ended.
Each raid takes 15 minutes before the end.
If one of the factions destroys the opponent's terminals, it wins the raid.
To start the raid you should be a faction leader.
Note that your faction and the opponent faction should have terminals.
You cannot start raid if the difference between your
and the opponent's faction is more than 2 players.

You gain XP primarily from raiding - 100 XP for one frag in a raid
and 10% of the value of hardware you will have destroyed during raid.
A successful raid gives you 1000 XP.
You can also gain XP by upgrading printers,
new players are advised to be using that as their main way of gathering XP.
We don't appreciate RDM, although it's not restricted.
For each RDM you get a penalty of 50 XP.

You can deal damage to:
props/entities you own
props/entities of the faction you raid
props/entities which have no owner or owner with no faction at all
Your allies cannot deal damage to your props/entities.
These algorithms also apply to welder and big bomb.


Welder is a unique tool for destroying opponents' props
While other weapons deal less damage to props (just to one outer prop),
welder destroys them faster, not just in one layer.
This is how we deal with multilayered props.

Boosters represent special jars which give you super abilities.
The majority of them have effect only on players
(i.e hell bullets works on player, but not on props).
There are 3 types of boosters: Movement, Buff and Damage.
Player can use only 2 boosters of the same type.
If you used the wrong booster, you can always remove all effects with Debooster.

All the hardware entities, such as terminals and turrets, need to be supplied.
The obvious solution - generator.
Each generator has special set of features, such as capacity and dispense radius.

We managed to create new experience for our players
- terminals, a substitute to good old printers.
While printers take a lot of space, terminals are compact and

Turret is a defence system for the base. Needs electricity.
Each player can place only 3 turrets.

The Big Bomb is a solution for hard raid.
It destroys everything in it's radius.
The default timer of the bomb if 40 seconds.
There is a possibility to defuse the bomb in 10 seconds.
Each faction can spawn only 3 bombs during the raid.


/dw, /drop, /dropwep, /dropweapon, /weapondrop Drop weapon
/dm X, /dropmoney X, /moneydrop X Drop X amount of money
/s, /sell, /sellthis Sell this entity
/sa, /se, /sellall, /sellents Sell all entities (such as terminals, generators, etc.)
/sc, /scs, /sellcs, /sellcons, /sellconsumables Sell all consumables
/ss, /ssp, /sellsp, /sellspawn, /sellspawnpoint Sell your current spawn point
@NICK MSG, /pm NICK MSG Sends private message "MSG" to NICK player
/r, /reply Reply to player in PM
@ MSG Sends "MSG" message to online admins

/title MSG, /settitle MSG Sets "S" as the overhead title

The "!" prefix instead of "/" is allowed.
Some of this commands are also located in shortcut menu (Press C key to call the menu)
Wealth Base Wars 2020